MiloMidway between the Etna mountain and only 10 Km from the Ionic sea, Milo is among the highest towns in the Etna Park.

Throughout the years, the town has been threatened many times by the lava flows of mountain Etna, but was always spared. Its economy is based on tourism in the summer, vine cultivation and timber. The old town is also very popular especially in summer for its fresh and healthy climate.

Nestled between the black lava rocks it is a real jewel of Sicilian tradition. Its narrow streets and its architecture offer visitors picturesque views steeped in history.

Milo is also well known for the various events such as:

  • ViniMilo, gastronomic festival, in September.
  • Etna Marathon Mtb, (70 km race mountain bike) in May.
  • Giarre-Milo, Hillclimb racing.
  • Milo Summer – summer MILESE in the town of Milo. Art, Music, Fashion And Nature. Regular appointments with the award Angelo Musco and ArteCulturaEventi.

Milo is 3.2 km from L’Infinito Guest House.

Castiglione di SiciliaCastiglione di Sicilia

Castiglione di Sicilia, is a beautiful town, nestled between woods of chestnuts, hazelnuts and oak trees, it is situated between Randazzo and Taormina.

Its height is about 600 metres above the sea level.
The town benefits of a varied climate: from a mild temperature, to an alpine climate in the higher part, where snow persists until late summer.
From here tourists can admire a variety of landscapes: from the impressive volcano, which dominates the entire eastern Sicily, to the forests adorning its low pitches, from caves to the deep lava and huge gorges of Alcantara river.
Enchanting and unforgettable scenery! A fascinating stop, that should not be missed.

Castiglione di Sicilia is 23 km from L’ Infinito Guest House.



Etna is the largest active volcano in Europe and Unesco world heritage site, The volcano dominates the landscape of Sicily, Italy. The first eruptions at Etna occurred 500,000 years ago.

Mt Etna has the longest period of documented eruptions in the world. Etna is noted for the wide variety of eruption styles. The volcano is at its most spectacular when both summit and flank eruptions occur simultaneously. The power and romance of mount Etna is undoubtedly the dominating feature of the eastern part of Sicily.

Imposing, majestic, its silhouette towering over the limpid Ionian sea that laps the lava rock on the coast.

The charm of the volcano is indescribable attracting the attention for centuries of travellers, artists, poets and philosophers. Its activity has changed for years the towns below conferring them a terrific charm.

Etna, in addition to numerous trips, you can also ski on both sides (Nicolosi and Piano Provenzana).

Etna is really a must for anyone who wants to turn its your into a journey through discovery.

Piano ProvenzanaPiano Provenzana

the station is situated in the northern slope of Etna.
Located at an altitude of 1,810 m s.l.m. and is located in the town of Linguaglossa.
It is 19 km from


rifugio-sapienzaRifugio Sapienza

is an alpine hut located at an altitude of 1,910 m s.l.m. on the southern slopes of Mount Etna.
This location is another reference point for hikers and skiers.
It Is 25 km from L’infinito Guest House.


rifugio-sapienzaRifugio Citelli

is the base point for hiking on the East side of Mount Etna.
It is 10 km from L’infinito Guest House.



Idyllically perched on a rocky promontory high above the sea, Taormina has been the most popular tourist destination in Sicily for a couple of hundred of years. Beautifully restored mediaeval buildings, breathtaking views around every corner and a giddy network of winding streets strewn with shops, bars and restaurants make for a perfect holiday spot.

Taormina’s past is Sicily’s history in a microcosm: Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, Swabians, the French and the Spanish all came, saw, conquered and left. Taormina lives on tourism. Visitors flock from all over the world to see its Greek-Roman theatre, to amble along its perfectly preserved Mediaeval streets, to admire its dramatic views of Mount Etna and to immerse themselves in the archetypal Mediterranean atmosphere.

The main attraction is, without doubt, the theatre. Now home to all manner of events, including plays, fashion shows, concerts, and cinema festivals. It is impossible to visit Sicily without visitng the the pearl of the Mediterranean.

Taormina is 33 km from L’infinito Guest House.

Marina di CottoneMarina di Cottone

Marina di Cottone is the most important beach of Fiumefreddo, small seaside resort near Acireale.
With its open and unpolluted sea and its beach with big grey, white and black shingles it offers a dramatic location right on the edge of the Mount Etna Regional Park.

Marina di Cottone Beach is one of only four Blue Flag beaches in Sicily such recognition awarded for three consecutive years: 2006, 2007, 2008. Along the coast you can find camping, hotels, bars, restaurants and equipped bathing establishments.

This location halfway between Catania and Messina, allows to reach both Etna that resorts like Taormina, Giardini Naxos or Alcantara Gorges. For lovers of summer festivals don’t miss the “La Sagra della Melanzana” (aubergine festival) held in Fiumefreddo every year in July.

Marina di Cottone is 18 km from L’infinito Guest House.

Gole dell’AlcantaraGole dell’Alcantara

The Alcantara gorges (or Larderia) are volcanic walls located in the Alcantara Valley near Francavilla, Messina.

Formed as a result of seismic events that, splitting in two old basaltic Lakes, led the water of the river Alcantara inside, the Gorges can reach up to 25 m tall.

The structure of the walls (like in some places to “piles of wood”, or “organ” columns) is intact and spiky.

The Alcantara gorges are an indispensable destination for lovers of nature, adventure and cold water. At the entrance do not forget to purchase boots and overalls to immerge yourself in a geological landscape unique in the world.

Gole dell’Alcantara is 29 km from L’infinito Guest House.